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Window view of the Armenian Church, an independent quarterly magazine published and edited by Fr. Vazken Movsesian and Hratch Tchilingirian 

                            pdf(Index of articles and authors, 1990-1995) 

pdfWindow Vol. 1, No. 1 Premier Issue — This first issue of Window is an eight-page introduction that sets the aim and scope of the new publication. It consists of three articles written by the editors and a translation of Patriarch Torkom Kushagian's introduction to the "Revival in the Armenian Church."

pdfWindow Vol. I, No. 2, 1990 Armenian Theology of Liberation — A series of articles in search of an Armenian theology of Liberation and a stimulating discussion between members of the Armenian church and theologians. The issue provides a descriptive and interpretive study of the subject and underlines its application in the Armenian Church.

pdfWindow Vol. I, No. 3, 1990 The Year the Church Died 1915 — The entire issue is dedicated to the martyred clergy of the Armenian Church during the Genocide of 1915. In these pages, Window turns the views of its readers back 75 years and provides a glimpse of the pre-Genocide Armenian Church. For the first time in the English language, the monumental work of Teotig, a scribe who tediously recorded the lives of the martyrdom of the Armenian clergy, is presented with statistical and analytical charts. A range of articles cover the theme of remembrance, the problem of canonization of the victims and the silence of Church leadership concerning religious treasures.

pdfWindow Vol. I, No. 4, 1990 Is the Collar Choking the Priest? — Discussion of the Armenian priest's role from the perspective of both the Armenian community and the Church. In doing so, this issue attempts to dispel some of the stereotypes and myths associated with the Armenian clergy. Issues such as reform, recruitment, and contemporary challenges to the church are discussed candidly.

pdfWindow Vol. II, No. 1, 1991 Cults in Armenia —  In an attempt to educated the Armenian community on the dangers of "cults," this issue provides an extensive coverage of religious movements presently operating in Armenia. The deep psychological wounds caused by the 1988 earthquake have facilitated the introduction of various groups into Armenia under false pretense. The articles pose a challenge to the Armenian community and the Church in addressing the problems of the so called 'cults in Armenia'.

pdfWindow Vol. II, No. 2, 1991 International Conference of Armenian Clergy —  The first ever International Conference of Armenian Clergy held in New York, June 17-21, 1991, is covered with exclusive interviews and analyses by the Window editors. An inside view of the conference is provided. Detailed information about the situation in post-Soviet Armenia by the directors and leaders of the Center for the Propagation of Faith. Candid and alarming revelations regarding the religious awakening in Armenia and the Church's ability (or inability) to provide for the needs of the people.

pdfWindow Vol. II, No. 3, 1991 Are all Brands the Same? — Explores the Armenian Catholic and Protestant churches, providing a history of their development and place within the Armenian community. Ideas for possible rapprochement are discussed. Other articles cover the place of the Armenian Church within world Christianity and issues of unity wit Byzantine Orthodox churches.  A map of religions is provided as a centerpiece to this important volume.

pdfWindow Vol. II, No. 4, 1992 Test the Myth and Beyond — The understanding of myths and their place in religious perception is the theme of this issue, especially as it is applied in the Armenian Church and community. The main article gives an excellent definition and explanation of what Myth is. Of particular interest is a discussion of Vahé Oshagan and the controversy surrounding his short story, entitled" Odzoom".  Also, two articles discuss services in the liturgical tradition of the Armenian Church: "Blessing of Madagh" and "Chrismation".

pdfWindow Vol. III, No. 1, 1992 The Church in Armenia —  A series of interviews conducted in Armenia, which give a general view of the state of the church and religion in the post-Soviet Republic of Armenia. There are conversations with the Catholicos of All Armenians, representatives of political parties; Armenian "skinheads," and others who are closely involved with the church.   A guest editorial by Bishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of the Armenian Church of Canada, appears in this issue.  

pdfWindow Vol. III, No. 2. 1993 Hypocrisy —  Hypocrisy is among those topics that are normally avoided in church life. However, in this issue, ordained and lay workers in the church candidly write about their experiences in the Church and share their thoughts about hypocrisy in the community.  While the contributors discuss various aspects of church life, they provide practical suggestions and programs that could tackle some of the burning issues in the Armenian Church.

pdfWindow Vol. III, No. 3 & 4, 1993 Death: The Kevorkian Factor —  Death and dying, euthanasia and assisted suicide are among the main topics of this issue. The articles discuss the issues in the context of the controversy of assisted suicide that became a matter of public debate, especially through the actions of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, or "Doctor Death", as he became known in the American media.

pdfWindow Vol. IV, No. 1, 1994 Theology of War: Karabakh —  The main focus of this issue is the religious revival in Karabakh, despite the war in the region. Two significant interviews with the Primate of the Diocese of Karabakh and the Editor of Gantzasar Theological Journal are the highlights.

pdfWindow Vol. IV, No. 2, 1994 Pontifical Election Process —  In Memoriam issue dedicated to the blessed memory of His Holiness Vazken I (1908-1994).  The historical process of election of a catholicos are presented with statistics and charts, as well as brief profiles of the 45 candidates for the 1995 election.  In an exclusive interview, H.H. Karekin II, Catholicos of Cilicia, reflects on the mission of the Armenian Church today.

pdfWindow Vol. IV, No. 3, 1994 Journey to a Promised Land —  A candid discussion of the issue of non-Armenians in the Armenian Church and a critical look at the mission of the Church. It includes an interview with a non-Armenian candidate for the priesthood and an in-depth analysis of spiritual life within the Armenian community.

pdfWindow Vol. IV, No. 4, 1994 Oikoumene —  Archbishop Aram Keshishian, Moderator of the World Council of Churches, is featured in this issue, with a focus on the unity efforts between the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. An article by the Archbishop deals with the theological questions related to ecology.

pdfWindow Vol. V, No. 1 & 2, 1995 A Catholicos for the 21st Century —  Extensive coverage of the Pontifical Election in Etchmiadzin (1995) and how the National Ecclesiastical Assembly, convening for the first time in forty years, elected His Holiness Karekin I as Catholicos of All Armenians. Statistics and charts about the 400 delegates of the Assembly and interviews with ecumenical guests who attended the Enthronement Ceremony in Etchmiadzin.

pdfWindow Vol. V, No. 3 & 4, 1995 Fifth Anniversary —  This issue celebrates the fifth anniversary of the publication of Window view of the Armenian Church and is the final issue in printed form. An interview with Armenia's Foreign Minister and an Armenian diplomat in Lebanon discuss issues pertaining to church and state. Also diplomatic relations between Armenia and the Vatican are discussed, with the complete text of the Pope's address on the occasion of the opening of the Armenian Embassy in the Vatican.

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