Lecture: Christianity in Middle East

Oriental Institute_Oxford

Lecture: “Christian Communities in the midst of extremism, regional military conflicts and wars in the Middle East”

20 October 2015, The Oriental Institute, University of Oxford



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Participant: Azerbaijani Perspectives on the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict


Chatham House, Russia and Eurasia Programme 

Invited participant: “Azerbaijani Perspectives on the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict” with Rovshan Rzayev, Member of Azerbaijani Parliament and Executive Board Member of the Azerbaijani Community of the Nagorno Karabakh Region, and Kavus Abushov, Assistant Professor of Political Science, ADA University, Baku.

29 September 2015, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London.


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Lecture: Christianity in the Middle East Today

Oxford Dept_Continuing_Ed

Christianity in the Middle East Today

Lecture: "The Armenian Church and Communities in the Middle East. Modern History and Contemporary Situation"

19 September 2015,  Rewley House, Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford



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Lecture: Middle East Christianity


Lecture, “Challenges facing Christian communities caught in extremism and destruction in the Middle East,” organised by the Newman Society and Aid to the Church in Need. 

9 June 2015, Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy.


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Discussant: Apologies & Justice

Apologies for_historical_wrongs_May2015

Invited discussant/participant, “Apologies for Historical Wrongs: When, How, Why”, a workshop on comparative study of Caribbean slavery, ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Northern Ireland, and Ottoman pogroms; the gathering was part of a larger research project led by A. Anim-Addo, University of Leeds; M. Braniff, Ulster University; A. Sarvarian, University of Surrey.

15 May 2015, Derry City, Norther Ireland.


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Lecture: 19th to the 21st c. history

Lecture, "Armenia from the Russian expansion in the Caucasus to the 21st century". This was part of a four-lecture Armenian History Course offered by the Armenian Institute in collaboration with Oxford Armenian Studies.

26 March 2015, Armenian Institute, London



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Panelist: Frozen Conflict

Mosaic Rooms logo

Panel Discussio with Andrew Jack (Financial Times), Hratch Tchilingirian (Oriental Institute, Oxford), Marina Nagai (International Alert) and Dennis Sammut (Links).

This talk on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict accompanies Imagined Futures, the first UK solo show by internationally exhibited artist Hrair Sarkissian, and aims to shed further light on issues raised by the works in the show.

19 March 2015, The Mosaic Rooms, London

pdfProgram and exhibit 


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Participant: OSCE and the Karabakh Conflict


Chatham House, Russia and Eurasia Programme 

Invited participant: "The Role of the OSCE Minsk Group in the Nagorny Karabakh Conflict" with Jacques Faure, Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group (2012-2014); the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, 13 January 2015.


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Lecture: Religion and Politics

ASCN logo

University of Fribourg

Invited speaker: "Religion, Nation and Democracy in the South Caucasus", organised by Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN)

14 November 2014

pdfConference programme


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