Azeri and Armenian Sociologists Find Potential for Peacebuilding

Azeri and Armenian Sociologists Find Potential for Peacebuilding

Tbilisi, Georgia, July 28,m 2004

 A joint study by Armenian and Azeri sociologists shows that the people in both countries would support more concerted efforts by their governments to normalize relations and move toward settlement of territorial disputes. The study was designed to determine the possibilities for reconciliation among the people of the two countries.


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Report: Spotlight on Azerbaijan

The Foreign Policy Centre's new publication, Spotlight on Azerbaijan (London 2012), brings together the analysis of 12 leading experts on Azerbaijan to look at the key human rights and governance issues in Azerbaijan including democratic development, rule of law, media freedom and property rights, while examining the impact of its international relationships, the economy and the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on domestic issues.


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President Heidar Aliyev addresses parliament on Karabakhk

Azeri President Heidar Aliyev addresses parliament on Karabakhk

23 February, 2001, Azerbaijani TV, Channel One. 

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Gorbachev on Karabakh (1996)

Excerpts from his <Memoirs>

Mikhail Gorbachev, Memoirs. New York and London: Doubleday, 1996. 


In February 1988 the population of the Nagorno-Karabakh autonomous oblast (which was 85-per-cent Armenian) of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic demanded that it be made a part of the Armenian Soviet Social Republic. A resolution was passed by the oblast Soviet and immediately supported by thousands of people at demonstrations and meetings in Armenia. These demonstrations were carried out in an organized way, without excesses. The marches carried large posters supporting perestroika and glasnost. Law-enforcement agencies only maintained order, without taking stronger measures—anyway, there was little they could have done against this sea of people.

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1988: RFE/RL Reports on Soviet Armenia & Soviet Azerbaijan

1988 (January-December) Radio Free Europe - Radio Liberty REPORTS on Karabakh, Soviet Armenia and Soviet Azerbaijan, by Elizabeth Fuller and others. 

[78 pages, see PDF version]


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1963: Appraisal of the Communist Formula 'National in Form, Socialist in Content'

"An Appraisal of the Communist Formula 'National in Form, Socialist in Content' with Particular Reference to Soviet Armenia"

Vahakn N. Dadrian

The Armenian Review, Vol. 16, No. 3-63, Autumn, September 1963

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1902: History of Aghvank (Caucasian Albania)

Patmutyun Aghvanits [History of Aghvank (Caucasian Albania)]

by Bishop Makar Barkhutaryan

Vagharshapat, 1902

[in Armenian, see entire book in PDF version]

This book is the first volume of two studies by Bishop Makar Barkhudariants about Karabakh, which provides valuable historical and ethnographic  information about the region.  Barkhudariants lived in the 19th century and was originally from Karabakh. He writes about his extensive travels in the regions of historical Aghvank and Artsakh, providing detailed description of the people, their customs, rituals, monuments of historical value , etc.  The second volume of his work, the Land of Aghvank and its Neighbours: Artsakh was republished in 1999 by Vem in Yerevan.  


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