1902: History of Aghvank (Caucasian Albania)

 Patmutyun Aghvanits [History of Aghvank (Caucasian Albania)] 

by Bishop Makar Barkhutaryan 

Vagharshapat, 1902 

[in Armenian, see entire book in PDF version]


This book is the first volume of two studies by Bishop Makar Barkhudariants about Karabakh, which provides valuable historical and ethnographic  information about the region.  Barkhudariants lived in the 19th century and was originally from Karabakh. He writes about his extensive travels in the regions of historical Aghvank and Artsakh, providing detailed description of the people, their customs, rituals, monuments of historical value , etc.  The second volume of his work, the Land of Aghvank and its Neighbours: Artsakh was republished in 1999 by Vem in Yerevan.  

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