"Tchilingirian New Director of Zoryan Institute"

The Armenian Mirror-Spectator (Boston), 18 August 1997

"Tchilingirian New Director of Zoryan Institute"

pdfMirror-Spectator, in English

pdfMassis (Los Angeles), in Armenian

pdfNairi (Beirut), in Armenian


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Zoryan Institute Acquires Genocide Archives Unknown for Almost a Century

Zoryan Institute Acquires Genocide Archives Unknown for Almost a Century

Armenian Reporter International [Paramus] 08 Aug 1997: 13.

Recently, the Zoryan Institute acquired a large collection of archives related to the Armenian Genocide. The collection was unknown to the world for almost a century.

The archival collection of Royal and Lizzie Cole, American missionaries in Turkish Armenia and Kurdistan in the years 1868-1908, documents events and developments in Turkish Armenia spanning over four extraordinary decades, presents accounts and stories never heard before, and provides additional details for the history of the Armenian massacres.

The Cole Collection was purchased for $100,000. The initial steps to acquire the archives were led by Kourken Sarkissian, President of Zoryan Institute Canada, who, together with Prof. Vahakn Dadrian, went to Portland, Oregon, in May, to see and evaluate the collection. Prof. Saul Negoghosian of the University of Toronto was instrumental in introducing the holder of the archives to the Institute. In early June, Zoryan's new Director Hratch Tchilingirian joined the negotiation process. On June 28, the acquisition of the Collection was finalized and the archives were brought to the Zoryan Institute.


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Genocide archives unknown for a century"

Horizon (Montreal), 28 July 1997

"Zoryan Institute acquiresg genocide archives unknown for a century"

pdfHairenik (Boston), in Armenian



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Literary Dialogue

Literary Dialogue with Poet Anoush Nakashian

 Armenian Reporter International [Paramus] 04 July 1997: 16.

 A literary dialogue with poet Anoush Nakashian of Jerusalem was held here last week. The event was organized by Tekeyan Cultural Association to present the newly published Rainy Love, Nakashian's third volume of collected poems. Throughout the "Dialogue," 36-year-old Nakashian's personal reflections and literary interpretations were enriched with her captivating poetry recitations. Hratch Tchilingirian, a scholar and analyst of contemporary Armenian affairs, was the host of the evening. He was introduced by Alex Kalayjian. 


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A First in Athens

The Armenian Reporter, 28 June 1997

A Firstr in Athens

Symposium on "Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan: Conflict and Prospects for Resolution

pdfNor Ashkhar (Athens) (in Armenian & Greek)

pdfMirror Spectator (Boston)


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Hratch Tchilingirian Contributes Article to British Political and Military Journal

The Armenian Reporter (New York), 3 May 1997

"Hratch Tchilingirian Contributes Article to British Political and Military Journal"

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Lecture on Karabakh at Lebanese American University

Nairi (Beirut), 8 February 1997

Lecture on Karabakh at Lebanese American University

[in Armenian, see PDF version]


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Lecture on Karabakh Today

Gibrahayer (Nicosia), January 1997

News: Lecture on Karabakh Today

[in Armenian, see PDF version]


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1700th Anniversary Executive Committee Meets in Etchmiadzin

1700th Anniversary Executive Committee Meets in Armenia; Plans Pilgrimages to Begin in 1997 and Extend Till 2001

Armenian Reporter International [Paramus] 21 Dec 1996: 26. 

ETCHMIADZIN, Armenia The Executive Committee of the 1700th Commemoration of Christian Armenia met for two days on October 24 and 25, in order to hear reports and examine the progress since the committee's last meeting in August. 

Catholicos Karekin opened the meeting, reiterating the basic goals of the committee, and Catholicos Aram expressed his blessings and best wishes. Archbishop Mesrob Ashjian, executive secretary of the committee, introduced the basic plans for the organization of pilgrimages, after which Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of Canada, presented a report prepared by the committee overseeing pilgrimages. The meeting was chaired by Archbishop Karekin Nercessian, Primate of the Araratian Diocese, and recorded by Deacon Hratch Tchilingirian. 

Extensive discussion led by Archbishop Derderian, Deacon Tchilingirian, and Dr. Shahe Orfaly, on how to motivate young people to participate in the pilgrimages, ensued. Pilgrimages are being planned for three specific age groups, 18 to 30 years; 30 to 45 years; and 45 and up. All participants will be responsible for their own expenses. However, it was noted that individuals who cannot participate because of age or health can nevertheless "participate" by sponsoring a pilgrim.




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