Armenians in Turkey

Hratch Tchilingirian (2016) "The 'Other' Citizens: Armenians in Turkey Between Isolation and (Dis)integration", Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, Vol. 25, 2016: 123-155.

Since the establishment of the Turkish Republic, state discrimination against the Armenian community—and generally the non-Muslim minorities—has been institutionalized and systematically used towards the detriment of the target community. This article provides a discussion of these issues and the processes of state and societal ‘othering’ of the Armenians in Turkey, with a particular focus on the impact of such policies and public discourses on the current situation of the community.  It then provides an analysis of the internal dynamics of the Armenian community itself.  The discussion highlights several sociological concepts that are useful to the understanding and analysis of the Turkish state’s and society’s treatment of the Armenians in Turkey today—or what the economists would call the stresses and distortions in the system.

Hratch Tchilingirian
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