Modern ‘Believers’ in an Ancient Church

ArmenianAndGreekDiasporas Hratch Tchilingirian (2007) "Modern ‘Believers’ in an Ancient Church" in Arméniens et Grecs en diaspora: approches comparatives (Édités par M. Bruneau, I. Hassiotis, M. Hovanessian et C. Mouradian). Athenes: E.F.A 2007.


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In Search of Relevance

ReligionandpoliticsHratch Tchilingirian (2007) "In Search of Relevance", chapter in Balci, B. and Motika, R. (eds.), Religion et politique dans le Caucase post-Sovietique. Paris: Maisonneuve et Larose; pp. 277-311.

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Hratch Tchilingirian

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Key Security Issues in the Caspian Region

ScienceSocietyHratch Tchilingirian, "Key Security Issues in the Caspian Region", in M. Sharpe and A. Agboluaje (eds.) Science and Society in the Face of the New Security Threats. NATO Security through Science Series, Human and Societal Dynamics, Vol. 7. Amsterdam: IOS Press and NATO Public Diplomacy Division, 2006.


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The Catholicos and the Hierarchical Sees of the Armenian Church

EastXntyHratch Tchilingirian (2004) "The Catholicos and the Hierarchical Sees of the Armenian Church" in Anthony O'Mahony, ed., Eastern Christianity. Studies in Modern History, Religion and Politics. London: Melisende: 140-159.

Hratch Tchilingirian

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