National Ecclesiastical Assembly: Delegates, Dioceses, Community Size

National Ecclesiastical Assembly - April 3-5, 1995  

Ազգային Եկեղեցական Ժողով 1995, պատկամաւորներու թիւը ըստ երկրի:

Number of Delegates from each country, diocese and population figures for each community

Information compiled on the occasion of the meeting of the National Assembly in Holy Etchmiadzin, which had gathered delegates from around the world to take part in the election of a new Catholicos in April 1995. The list rovides figures for Countries and cities, Armenian Church Dioceses, Number of Delecates, Population of each community, and a total for worldwide Armenians according to data provided by the Catholicosate of All Armenians in Etchmiadzin, Armenia.

Unpublished. Information used for Window Quarterly's coverage of the elections. 

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