Nazarian’s ‘Bolis’ Screens for International Audience in London

Asbarez (Los Angeles), Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Nazarian’s ‘Bolis’ Screens for International Audience in London

LONDON—An evening of dialogue and discussion in memory of Hrant Dink featured the special
screening of “Bolis,” a film by Eric Nazarian, at University of London’s School of Oriental and African
Studies (SOAS) on January 27.

Hosted by the Armenian Studies program at the university, over 200 British, Turkish, Armenian and
international students, faculty and invited guests were captivated by the powerful film and panel
discussion that followed.

“This event is part of ongoing efforts to bring Turkish and Armenian students and audiences together
for dialogue on the complexities of Turkish-Armenian relations,” said Dr. Hratch Tchilingirian
(University of Cambridge), one of the organisers of the evening, along with Dr. Krikor Moskofian,
director of Armenian Studies at SOAS.

Eric Nazarian introduced the film and explained that the initial inspiration for the project was instilled
by news of Hrant Dink’s murder on January 19, 2007 in Istanbul. “I felt the need to make a film that
explores the rich cultural and musical contributions of Armenians to the history of Istanbul and in
some way honor Hrant’s memory and legacy as a bridge builder between Armenians, the Diaspora
and Turks,” said Nazarian. “Bolis” examines the pain of the genocide through the act of storytelling
between an Armenian oud musician and a Turkish antique store owner.

After the screening, a panel of distinguished speakers presented an analysis of the film against the
background of current Turkish-Armenian tensions over the issue of the Genocide and the
unresolved murder of Hrant Dink. The panel, moderated by Dr. Susan Pattie of the Armenian
Institute, included scholar and author Dr. Kerem Oktem (Oxford University), archival historian Ara
Sarafian and well-known columnist Koray Duzgoren. A lively question and answer followed with the
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