Hratch Tchilingirian (short bio)

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DR. HRATCH TCHILINGIRIAN is a scholar, sociologist and activist based in the United Kingdom, where he is currently an Associate of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Oxford University, specializing in Middle Eastern and Armenian Studies, with a particular focus on cultural identity politics, homeland-diaspora relations, sociology of religion, and inter-ethnic conflicts in the Middle East and Eurasia. The author of numerous studies and publications (, he has lectured internationally, recently drawing attention to the plight of minorities and Christian communities in the Middle East, especially in academic and policy-making circles. Following his PhD at the London School of Economics, for which he was supported by AGBU, he held a number of executive positions including director of research on Eurasia and lecturer at Cambridge University’s business school (2003-2012). An active community member, Tchilingirian strives to make Armenian heritage, identity, culture and language a living experience.

AGBU Insider, December 2018, p. 26.

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