Christianity in the Middle East: contexts and challenges


Keynote Lecture: "Christianity in the Middle East: contexts and challenges" at Eastern Christian Tradition in the World Today: Dialogues, Ecumenism, Theology and Ecclesiology, Heythrop College, University of London, organised by Centre for Eastern Christianity, 18 June 2018.

Panelist (with Kenneth Ross, Mariz Tadros, John Eibner, Anthony O’Mahony) "Christianity in North Africa and West Asia" (watch).

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The Velvet Revolution in Armenia

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Speaker: Panel discussion on the "Velvet Revolution in Armenia" hosted by the Programme of Armenian Studies.
School of Oriental and African Studies. University of London, 23 May 2018.

Panelists: Dr Armine Ishkanian (LSE) | Dr Hratch Tchilingirian (Oxford), Dr Ara Sanjian (Michigan-Dearborn); Moderator:Leon Aslanov (Programme of Armenian Studies)



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Lecture: Mideast Christianity


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Paper: Ideological relevance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Paper: "Ideological relevance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution" at Armenian Statehood Reborn: Achievements and Reflections, conference marking 100th Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia. California State University Northridge, 5-6 May 2018; organised by ARF Western United States and Cal State Northridge Armenian Studies Program.

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Paper: Secularising effects of Sectarianism


Paper:  "Secularising Effects of Sectarianism: The Case of the Armenian Church in the Middle East During the Cold War Era" at Rethinking Nationalism, Sectarianism and Ethno-Religious Mobilisation in the Middle East, convened by Dr Alex Henley, Dr Ceren Lord, Dr Hiroko Miyokawaunder, under the auspices of Pembroke College, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, the Middle East Centre at St Antony’s College, and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH), 27 February 2018.

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Hrant Dink Foundation - Students Workshop


Kevork Malikyan'ın 50. sanat yılı etkinlikleri: ATÖLYE.

Çocuklar için Yaratıcı Drama Atölyesi. Sosyolog Hratch Tchilingirian’ın, çocuklara, yakın dostu Malikyan’ı tanıtacağı Ermenice sohbetin ardından, Alican Balakın ve Kevork Malikyan’ın yönetiminde, 7-15 yaş grubuna yönelik, Türkçe-Ermenice dillerinde, yaratıcı drama atölyesi yapılacaktır.

15 Ekim/October 2017, Hrant Dink Vakfi, Istanbul.


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Speaker: Middle East Christian communities


Speaker: “Christianity in the Middle East today”, Middle East Ecumenical Network (UK), hosted by Christians Aware.

3 October 2017, Friends House (Euston), London.


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Lecture: Christians in Turkey Today

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Lecture: "Precarious Citizens: Christian Communities in Turkey Today" at Abril Bookshop.

18 July 2017, Glendalde, California.


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Paper: Christian communities in Turkey today


Paper: “Precarious citizens: Christian communities in Turkey today” at Christians Across the Crescent. Christians Across the Crescent. Surveying the Christian communities in Egypt and the Middle East, organized by Centre of World Christianity, Department of Religion and Philosophies, SOAS, University of London.

8 July 2017, School of Oriental and African Studies



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